Mini Aqua Strobe

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Our aqua strobe is a clip on handy safety light, which is totally water proof to 100 meters

It has a unique dome that allows the light to be visible from all sides and can be seen some 6KM away in darkness. Ideal for many aspects of water sports, as a safety light for detection and monitoring. It's equally visible in light conditions.

It has flash and constant Static (available by flipping the battery.

Can be easily clipped to any sports wear including life jackets, swim boys and walking equipemnt 

  • Twist to turn on/off
  • Battery Duration: Steady on 90hrs / Flashing 200hrs
  • Impact-resistant dome shape
  • Lightweight: 20g including batteries.
  • Compact shape: 54mmx 34mm x 26mm
  • Available in Green, Red, White, yellow, blue