About Us

LightupU is a range of products inspired by David Andrew Stobart. In 2001 whilst out running at night, David was hit by a passing car. Although he was wearing hi visibility clothing the car didn’t see him and simply drove away, leaving the wing mirror ripped off by the force of the impact. David was left hanging trapped and unconscious in a low growing tree at the side of a country road.

David did make a full recovery thanks to a passing motorist who witnessed the incident and the dedication of the emergency services.

Once he was back running again he decided to source, develop and market a range of illuminated wearable products. He wanted to provide a strong visual awareness for anyone exercising during the hours of darkness. Once these products reached the market he realised that there was a need not just for runners and cyclists but dog walkers, hikers, backpackers, horse riders, fishermen, children; anyone outside in the dark or poor visibility...

So LightupU was born!