Multi Colour band with built in torch

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The LightupU safety LED, 6 colour, band is the perfect accessory for every active person or those who just want to be seen clearly at night. Slip it on your arm, click through to your favourite colour and the bright light will mean you will be seen from the side, front and back. The bright colours attract the attention of drivers and other traffic and make sure they know you are there as soon as possible.

Can also be used on animals such as Dogs and Horses. Order accessory pack at check out for extension band and side fitting velcro straps. Multiextension01

Our armbands are waterproof, fully adjustable, and comfortable enough to wear during the most energetic of runs without restricting movement. No more a bandoning your early morning run because of fog or restricting your evening fitness routines. With USB charging, long life battery and easy to use controls, the LightupU safety armband will be there when you are ready to go. If you need extra personal light, the ultra bright torch will point where you need it and go where you go.

Other uses include; as a safety device for slow moving or elderly people. Walk your dog in safety down less well lit roads. Also good for rough terrain walkers, campers and hikers and people leading night group events. A great accessory for security and safety officials who want to be seen easily… and of course party animals who just want to have fun at night. In fact, anyone who needs to be seen in the dark.

Be seen, Be safe your own way with our 6 colour, bright torch, safety armband.