Personal Alarm with LED Torch K2

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We all have a right to feel safe, but we also all know this is sometimes a difficult and dangerous world. The sad reality is that an attack, a robbery, or an accident can happen in seconds and a vulnerable person can be overwhelmed very quickly.

The best option in a bad situation is to alert others to the fact that you need help.

Here at LightupU we have been working to produce a small, light, easy to use, personal alarm that will be a first line of defence should the worst happen. With a single pull of the emergency cord the alarm will shriek loudly enough to be heard from a distance and produce a bright, rapid, flash to draw attention to your location.

The last thing an attacker wants is to be revealed, so knowing that help is on the way is a powerful deterrent. The sudden noise and light will also often shock the attacker into running. The combination of a shocking noise and the attention-grabbing flashing light makes personal alarms highly effective, and many police forces recommend them as a protection device.

The LightupU personal alarm also contains a powerful, 3-stage, torch and is quickly recharged using any micro-USB cable. It is small but robust enough to go in a handbag, a pocket or hang on a belt using the built-in clip. With its discrete, easy to use, design it can go anywhere with you. In fact, because it is so easy to carry, it is also a perfect emergency location device for runners and cyclists who like to be off the beaten track.

We hope the worst never happens, but if it does, we want you to have the comfort of knowing that you have an effective deterrent and distress call available. In an uncertain world, you can rely on the LightupU alarm to quickly protect you when you need it most.